AMP Configuration Generator

Version 1.0
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Basic Information

This is what will show up within AMP as the name of the application.
Optional: useful for describing different variants/configurations of the same application.
Who are you? Take some credit for your work!
A link to where you can learn more about the application, such as a store listing.

Management and Console

This is in addition to the applications management type if it accepts management over methods other than Standard IO


AMP will automatically generate firewall rules to allow the application ports through
Port Number Usage Type
No ports have been added.
You may add up to 3 ports. The RCON port does not count towards this limit.
Maximum of 1 Steam Query and 1 RCON Port.

Update Sources

This must be a direct URL that is not behind any access gates.
Unzip once downloaded The downloaded file is a .zip that needs to be decompressed. Does not support other archive types (such as .tar.gz) at this time.
The App ID for the dedicated server application. You can find this via SteamDB.
The App ID for the game itself. You can find this via SteamDB.
Must be a publicly accessible GitHub repository.
PNG or JPEG format, 460x215px.

Configuration and Settings

Display Name Description Field Name Default Value Command Line
No settings have been added.

Startup and Shutdown

Application and Parameters
Don't include any arguments that come from the Configuration and Settings section above.
The format to be used to add settings specified above to the command line in place of {{$FormattedArgs}}. {0} is the field name and {1} the value.
The character(s) used to separate different arguments in the command line flags generated by settings. By default this is a single space.

Server Events

These are regular expressions that when matched notifies AMP about in-application events such as a successful startup, or users connecting/disconnecting. AMP will match these based on output from either the servers standard output (if enabled) or whichever RCON/remote access protocol is in use.

All expressions must match the entire subject string - so they must always start with a ^ and end with a $. AMP uses named capture groups to pick out different components of an expression.

Regex101 is an excellent resource to help you put together and validate expressions. AMP uses the 'Javascript' regex flavour.

Validate and Review

This is generated assuming the default values and default port numbers, these will change based on user-specified values or assignments made by AMP.

  You have not yet validated your configuration. You will not be able to download your configuration until you have done this.

  Validation Failed - You must address the following failures before you may continue.

  Validation Passed with Warnings - You should consider addressing the following warnings.

  Validation Passed - Great stuff! You may now download the completed configuration below.

Validation Issues:
Category Issue Recommentation
No validation issues

  Make sure to keep a backup of your configuration by using the 'Export' option at the top of the page! You will need this to make further changes even after downloading the configuration and manifest.

Using the generated configuration

Place the .kvp and .json files in your ADS instance under the /Plugins/ADSModule/GenericTemplates directory along side the other .kvp and .json files.

Then restart ADS, and your new configuration will appear as an option when you select 'Create Instance'.


Generated Data

Values that are calculated automatically based on your input.
No Generated Value
No Generated Value